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Final Grade

Allow our team of professionals to evaluate your property and give you a free estimate to provide you with proper leveling, drainage and curb appeal for any project.

Road Base Roads


We offer a 2" minus crushed rock and 1" minus crushed rock.  A typical residential road starts at 6" to a compacted 4" in depth.  Most Commerical Roads start at 6"-12" in depth depending on the daily use of the road.  After grading, watering & packing, you will be happy with this new & valuable addition to your property or job-site.

Pea Gravel & Washed Rock Roads

Pea gravel and our cleaned washed screened rock make a good addition an existing road base road.  These materials will help with dust control as well as wet, muddy areas.  

Pad Sites


We know the importance of having a drive way or approach that is durable and attractive. Here at our property in Stephenville, we have a variety of materials, colors and textures for you to come and take a look.

Land Clearing

Smith Job Clearing
Smith Job Cleared

Are pesky trees blocking your view of the beautiful Texas Sunsets? Allow our team of professionals to clear the path and expand your horizons.

Asphalt Paving

From potholes to parking lots we can fix it all. Type D Hot Mix is ready to go and easy to use. Our team will do the full turn-key job of installing the proper sub-grade to laying hot mix asphalt for a professional complete job. 

Concrete Paving

Ask us how we can offer you a complete turn key job from installing the pad site to forming and finishing your concrete pad, parking lot, driveway sidewalk or even a building slab. 

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